DO: Good for the sole with Juta Shoes

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Hand-made espadrille shoes challenging the material waste industry and supporting marginalised women into work – well if that doesn’t inspire you what will?

Juta Shoes are one of our favourite social enterprises. Who doesn’t love a fluffy pair of slippers for a cosy night in or the perfect pair of espadrilles for some summer sun?

What we love even most is this brand’s commitment to using wasted materials and supporting women who face barriers to work.

People power

Juta Shoes don’t just give women a job. They give them tangible skills by training them through their tailored crafts-based employability skills scheme in their Bethnal Green studio.

A supportive network is created offering flexible, well-paid, supported work making shoes and teaching workshops. These women are often refugees or migrants who are more likely to be unemployed and underpaid.

Sustainable sources

These gorgeous shoes are handmade from up-cycled off-cut pieces of leather and reclaimed vegan faux fur. Juta Shoes say no to harming our environment through the production of new materials.

Get those hands of yours busy

Consider yourself the craftsman? Or maybe just want to get a little creative? Well here’s your chance. Join a workshop or buy a DIY shoe making kit to make your own bespoke pair of ethical shoes. The perfect Christmas or birthday gift, some might think... Enjoy meeting the team, learning something new and helping to combat the issue that thousands of women face around employment.

Our favourite?

The vegan fur slippers – that fluffiness is heavenly.