BUY: Feel-good florist

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

As if we need another reason to love receiving a bouquet of flowers - Petalon just gave us one.

Petalon’s bouquets are seasonal, dressed in biodegradable packaging and get to you by bike – oh and they support the Bee Collective too.

There’s no more stress about which bouquet to choose from either, you have just two options of seasonal bouquets which are updated on their website once a week.

When you buy from Petalon, and at this point how could you not, £1 of every brunch goes to the Bee Collective, a not-for-profit enterprise which helps Londoners help bees. They provide honey harvesting services to London’s beekeepers and opportunities for everyone to get involved, you can actually volunteer with them too. It uses Petalon’s donations and the profits from honey sales to help improve our urban landscape for bees and people.

100 bouquets means Petalon will plant a tree in the UK. Did you know that 1 tree offsets 1 tonne of carbon. What’s not to like?

Our social impact checklist…

- Eco-friendly

- Low carbon footprint

- Biodegradable packaging

- Giving power to the bees