DO: Cooking with a conscience

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Traditional cuisines taught by local refugees and migrants struggling to access employment.

Develop your culinary skills by learning from some of the most qualified chefs: refugees, asylum seekers and migrants with socially minded, Migrateful.

We have an abundance of choice when it comes to eating out in London. Mexican, Japanese, Thai, Italian, can all often be found just down one street. What you do not get to when you’re eating out is the story behind where the food comes from or getting to actually see or help make the food.

Migrateful bring together great company and even more delicious culinary cuisines. Choose from Eritrean, Pakistani, Ethiopian, Syrian - the list goes on.

They are a social enterprise who offer refugees and asylum seekers a route into employment through cooking. Many of the refugees now in the UK had an abundance of skills before they had to leave their home countries but many face language barriers and struggle to work in the UK. Migrateful offer an innovative solution to learning a new language through the universal language of food.

Enjoy playing with different spices and traditional foods. Listen to first-hand stories from chefs who had to leave their countries and the journeys they have endured to get to the UK. You will see the resilience and hardship these remarkable and courageous people have been through and through it all, hope and determination to build a new life for themselves.

50% of the 125,000 refugees living in the UK are unemployed, despite being more than qualified and more educated than the average British person. There are 768,000 migrants in the UK who do not speak English well or at all, yet we’ve experienced government budget cuts for teaching English. Migrateful’s mission is a powerful one that challenges the traditional way of getting people into work and learning invaluable skills.

Our recommendation?

The Ethiopian supper – a doggy bag has never been more necessary!

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