BUY: Elvis & Kresse

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Reduce, reuse, upcycle! Elvis & Kresse up-purposes scrap material and do not let a bit go to waste…

In conjunction with the Burberry Foundation this social organisation was founded in 2005 with the innovative purpose of rescuing London’s decommissioned firehoses from the fate of landfill. And rescue they did.

Over the past 13 years, they have been transforming old fire-hoses, unused shoe boxes, discarded leather (to name but a few) into everything from fashionable bags to note books to laptop cases to home ware to belts to wallets… you get the picture.

They pride themselves on making luxury products with exquisite craftsmanship (just look at the picture!), generating a positive social impact. What’s more, not only do they use sustainable materials, creating less waste, they donate 50% (!) of their profits to The Fire Fighters Charity. This charity has been running for 75 years, providing support for fire fighters to overcome injury and PTSD.

They additionally offer workshops allowing guests to have the unique opportunity to create their very own products! And as if all of that wasn't enough, their packaging is also handmade from rescued materials in their Kent workshop.

You can purchase your recycled items on their website where you can also sign up for their workshops.

Our social impacts checklist…

• Sustainable consumption

• Charitable donation

• Environmentally friendly

Written by Eleo Tibbs