We celebrate brands who drive positive social impact in new and exciting ways. These brands look at social issues we're facing in the UK with a new lens, which create opportunities for those who are often marginalised by society.


We're giving these brands a voice, presence and platform to share their stories and products, and help them to tackle the challenges we're all trying to stop.


Louisa Minter-Kemp, Creator

Louisa is an advocate for social entrepreneurship and creating positive social impact. She works in the field of corporate responsibility and is passionate about exploring and creating innovative connections between businesses and their local communities. She founded Concept to Creation in a bid to inspire people to put their money where their values are and invest in the brands who are tackling some of our biggest societal challenges. Louisa volunteers as a National Park City Champion, part of the Greater London National Park City initiative, which successfully campaigned to make London the first ever National Park City in 2019. She's also a member of the London School of Economics Social Impact Society, the Conduit and the Ethical Influencers network. You can find her lacing up her hiking boots and taking to one of our UK National Parks rain or shine come the weekend.


Meet our writers.

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Karina van Ginkel

After starting her early career as a corporate lawyer, Karina is an established responsible business expert, previously holding in-house corporate responsibility and social impact roles at both White & Case and Prime Advocates. Karina now works at Heart of the City where she engages with a wide range of responsible business and sustainability experts across the private sector to deliver Heart of the City’s unique membership programme for companies across London. Outside of working hours, you can find Karina cycling around London on “Big Red”, picnicking at London Fields or checking out a new camping spot. Karina is happiest under water, and tries to plan all her holidays around scuba diving, wakeboarding, kitesurfing or surfing. 


Eleo Tibbs

Eleo has always devoted herself to positive social impact. She has completed a masters in public and social policy and has since worked in a range of areas, including criminal justice reform and international development. Her most recent move finds her in the environment sector. Aside from work, Eleo has a passion for travelling, running, music and finding the best vegetarian food around town. 

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